Cookie Policy 
We, View Click n Travel, understand and respect your right to privacy and hence, do everything we can to protect your personal data. We would like to provide you with information about how certain data is being collected, transferred, stored or disclosed by us. In an attempt to do that, we have jotted down the following points for your knowledge and understanding. Please go through the points mentioned below along with the points of our Privacy Policy to understand how it’s all done.
Why do we use cookies?
Using cookies helps us to enhance user experience which ultimately makes things more convenient for you (our customers).
On who does the cookie policy apply?
This policy would be applicable to everyone who visits our website and on all the information that’s collected by utilizing cookies.
What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a micro file that helps in storing information in the web browser you’re using while browsing a website. Cookies are there to make sure that the websites you’re browsing run smoothly. They also help in keeping track of the browsing patterns while a website is being browsed. Furthermore, they help in executing certain features of a website like remembering your login details and other such functions. Cookies are usually sent to the original website when a user visits that website for the 2nd or 3rd time. Cookies may also be sent to another website that is able to recognize the specific set of cookies. Most of the web browsers utilize commonly when people accept cookies automatically. Cookies are also helpful in identifying the device from which a website is being accessed. Cookies are useful in keeping track of your specific preferences and previous online behaviour which helps in providing you with content as per your preferences and as a result, it improves your browser experience. Cookies do not have any access to any other sort of information that may be on your computer. Your web browser would provide you with the option of controlling the use of cookies. It also provides you with the option of deleting the saved cookies any time you want to. If you want to, you can choose not to receive any cookies in the future. However, if you choose this option, the working of certain website may not be as smooth as it’s supposed to be.
Types of cookies
Many different types of cookies are utilized by our website. These cookies include:
First Party cookies:
First Party cookies are those cookies which get stored by the website when you’re browsing one.

Third Party cookies:
In some instances, certain third party cookies might get stored in your system by a website other than our own. Under no circumstances we control the collection of or utilization of the data collected by third parties.
Essential cookies:
These are cookies that are absolutely essential in making sure that the website you’re browsing run smoothly.

Performance cookies:
These types of cookies are utilized in collecting data that’s connected to the performance of a website.

Functionality cookies:
 These types of cookies help in enhancing the user experience by remembering the options chosen by a user.

Marketing cookies:
These cookies are useful while deciding which advertisements are to be placed on a website, specifically on your browser.

Session cookies:
Session cookies are temporary cookies which are usually deleted the moment you close your browser.

Controlling the use of cookies
Most of the available web browsers accept cookies automatically. However, most browsers also provide the option of controlling these cookies according to your preference. Using the cookie settings of a web browser, you may choose to keep receiving cookies or you may stop them from getting sent. If you’re browsing a website from multiple devices, then you would need to adjust the settings in each of those devices according to your preferences.