Refund Policy
# The following rules and regulations are applicable on flights and vacation packages offered on our website.

# The flight tickets and vacation packages offered on our website, and the service fees that are levied therein are, in most cases, non-refundable. If a customer needs to make any changes to the reservation, then the same may or may not be possible. It would depend on the fare rules of the respective airline. Please be advised that once the booking process has been completed, no name or date changes on the flight tickets and/or vacation packages is allowed. We do not provide any guarantee and undertake no responsibility for any reservation that was confirmed by the supplier/s after making a change (on customer’s request) in the original flight or vacation package booking.

# The rules and regulations pertaining to change, cancellation and refund are as follows —

1. We provide absolutely no guarantee that a cancellation request would be accepted. It would depend solely on your chosen airline’s cancellation policy. The cancellation policy may differ from one airline to another and from case to case.

2. When a change in the flight bookings have been made and a fare difference is incurred therein, then the customer is to pay that fare difference, the charges levied by the airline, and any applicable post-ticketing fee that may be charged by Viewclickntravel upon making a new booking.

3. In instances where a customer’s itinerary includes flights from multiple airlines, then the cancellation and refund policy of each of the airlines would apply on the cancellation and refund request.

4. In situations where one of the flights in the itinerary gets cancelled or rescheduled by the airline, and this, in turn, forces a customer to make changes to the other flight/s in his/her itinerary, the customer would have to bear the extra ticket costs and/or certain fees that incurs as a result of making changes to the unaffected flight/s. In such situations, a fee may be levied for changes and refunds by the airline. It is advisable that the customer keep him/herself updated with the latest Terms and Conditions of each of the airline and adheres to the same.

5. In most cases, flight tickets, vacation packages and service fees are non-refundable after 24 hours of making the booking.

6. If a cancellation request is made before the commencement of the trip, then the Trip protection insurance may be refundable. Please be advised that you would need to make the cancellation request within 10 days of making the booking.

7. You need to keep in mind that the cancellation requests are only to be made over the phone. You cannot make cancellation requests through e-mails or web chats.

8. A cancellation request might be eligible to be accepted by us only in instances where a cancellation and refund request has been made in accordance with the fare rules of the concerned airline/s, or in instances where the customer is not a “No Show,” or in instances where the request has been approved by the supplier, and we are able to secure waivers from them.

9. Even if we advise you to make a refund request, it does not insinuate our agreement in providing a refund amount. In instances where a refund has been granted and processed, we do not provide any guarantee pertaining to the time it takes for the refund process to be completed.

10. The fare you choose for your flight tickets might change between the time you make the booking with us and the time when the tickets get issued. If there is an increase in the fare during this time, you will be informed about it. Once you have this information, you can either cancel the booking or continue with the booking at the new fare. If there is a decrease in the fare, you do not have the option of getting the fare difference from the airline. In instances where a reservation gets cancelled in the time between making the booking online and actual issuance of the flight ticket, you will be contacted and informed about your options.
11. For the flight tickets to get issued or vacation packages to be booked and delivered to your registered email ID, you would need to make a full payment. In case there are changes to or a cancellation of a confirmed flight ticket or vacation package, some additional fees might be charged by us, as well as by the airlines.

12. In situations where a customer is a “no show,” or in situations where a person gives up a portion of the accommodation and/or flight route, no refund or reimbursement is provided to the customer.

13. No refund would be provided for the vacation package if the journey has already been commenced. You also won’t receive any refund if the cancellation and refund request is made on the day of departure of the flight.